Foreclosure Services

    Encompassing highly skilled teams, our foreclosure department prides itself on efficiency and a passionate commitment to accuracy. Each foreclosure team is comprised of professionals experienced in all stages of the foreclosure process, from new referrals, pre-publication, publication and special services, to reinstatement and payoff, sheriff’s sales, and post-sale and eviction procedures. Every team services a defined client roster, creating greater efficiencies and eliminating the inconvenience of multiple points of contact.

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Litigation Services

    Trott & Trott is a respected, trusted, full-service Michigan foreclosure firm. We are uniquely positioned and qualified to handle most litigation matters related to default servicing.

    Our extensive experience translates into an uncommon level of depth and default servicing expertise. That expertise and depth positions Trott & Trott to identify industry trends and evaluate changing judicial attitudes.

    We understand the unique needs of the default servicing industry and, therefore, recognize that servicers, investors, and insurers all require and expect prompt resolution of issues. Trott & Trott is committed to satisfying that expectation.

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Eviction Services

    Our eviction practice group—with their attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment, and awareness of public relations implications—delivers results with a unique blend of efficiency and critical thinking. We bring experience, expertise, reputation and knowledge to each matter.

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Bankruptcy Services

    The Trott & Trott bankruptcy team is a dedicated group of attorneys and staff with extensive knowledge of and experience in bankruptcy law. By monitoring local, regional and national trends, decisions and best practices, the team ensures that firm clients are well informed and expertly advised.

    Trott & Trott made a strategic decision many years ago that the firm would not employ contract counsel for bankruptcy cases. A qualified Trott & Trott attorney is present at every client hearing. We also arm our clients with in-house industry authorities, including an established bankruptcy litigation expert and an attorney specialist in loss mitigation.

    As the “boots on the ground” for valued Trott & Trott clients, the bankruptcy team is consistently active on local and national industry associations, working groups and panel discussions.

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