About / Trott Law

Our value to clients can be summarized by four characteristics that collectively differentiate Trott Law from any other real estate finance law firm in the industry.

  • An experienced legal team armed with deep industry knowledge, agility and a history of success. Our team is comprised of qualified real estate finance law attorneys who average 10 years of  commercial litigation experience.
  • Specialists who deploy critical business thinking and analysis on behalf of our clients, as well as the firm. Through inventory reconciliation, client-level portfolio comparison and throughput analysis, we deliver comprehensive understanding that empowers our clients to make informed business decisions.
  • A commitment to integrity and efficiency through a technology-driven process. All Trott Law client information is securely stored in data centers with proven business continuity and disaster recovery measures in place.
  • A complementary suite of services and products developed in anticipation of market and industry needs, including: creditor’s rights, default services, legislative analysis, bankruptcy and eviction services.